WERO elite Type-C TBT4/USB4 0.8m (Right Angle) EPR Passive Cable with EJ903 E-marker

WERO  EJ903 EPR cables are based on the same hardware design as certified SPR TBT4 cables. Only change is the voltage rating on VBUS, to meet EPR voltage rating. This does not change HS signal integrity performance of cables.  WERO EJ903 EPR电缆基于已经intel认证的SPR TBT4电缆相同的硬件设计。唯一的变化是VBUS上的额定电压,以满足EPR额定电压,这不会改变电缆的HS信号完整性性能。

Cable Length Cable Description Emarker Certification USB3.2 Cable design
SS VBUS D+/D- Comme nts
0.8m 0.8m ThunderboltTM 4 (40 Gb/s) USB-C Right Angle cable - 5 A EJ903 TBT, USB4 Gen3 Gen2 AWG30 AWG23/no GND wire AWG 32 AWG 34

Summary 总结
1.For Type-C TBT4/USB4. 0.8m (Right Angle) EPR Passive Cable with EJ903 E-marker, tested parameters meet USB type-C 2.0 Gen3 spec (USB4 Gen3).
2.Emarker VDM settings meet USB4 spec.
3.EPR feature has been tested by Allion lab, and meet EPR cable requirement.  Recommend for TBT4 certification.