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| 產品內容

    • Active high data rate cable with clock & data recovery chip inside
    • Supports 2-CH TBT Gen2 or TBT Gen3 full duplex high speed transmission
    • Supports 1-CH passive USB2 channel transmission
    • Dual-protocol support for TBT mode (PCI Express and DisplayPort*) and can be used for Thunderbolt daisy-chaining devices
    • Plug flip-able use
    • Thin cable design, OD=4.8mm(typ.)
    • Compliant with USB Power Delivery Specification Rev2.0. Maximum power delivery capacity up to 5A

| 產品規格

General Specification
    • Length: 1.0-meter
    • Connector: LOTES Type-C connector or compatible
    • Color: Black/ White
Electrical Specification
    • Transmission data rate: TBT:2-channel TBT Gen2 or TBT Gen3 full duplex operation.USB: 1-channel USB2.0 half duplex operation.
    • Operating Voltages: VBUS: 5V – 20V (typ.), VCONN: 5V (typ.)
    • Power consumption:1.5W (typ.)
    • Current delivery capacity: 5A (max.)
    • Compliant with USB Power Delivery  Specification Rev2.0
Storage and Operation temperature
    • Storage Temperature: Intel Thunderbolt Standard -20~85°C ambient.
    • Operation Temperature: Intel Thunderbolt Standard 0~50°C ambient.
  * :Active TBT3 cable doesn’t support native DP alternate mode and USB3.1 Gen1 & Gen2 mode