WERO雷电光纤高速线缆Thunderbolt 3 Active Optical Cable (40 Gbps)

WERO’s ThunderboltTM 3 optical cables enable high-speed connectivity over longer distances. They are thin, light, and remarkably tough, while simultaneously supporting high-performance data devices and increased resolution displays.Our Thunderbolt™ Optical Cables provide connection flexibility and deliver high-speed data transmission at great distances over traditional copper cables. Our Thunderbolt optical cables are a great solution for noise-sensitive environments, you can separate your workspace from noisy equipment or connect to a centralized server in the machine room.

WERO的ThunderboltTM 3 光缆可实现远距离高速连接。它又细又轻、但又非常坚固,同时支持高性能数据存储设备和更高分辨率的显示器。

5米、10米、15米、25米 、50米


我们的霹雳™ 与传统铜缆相比,光缆提供了连接灵活性,实现远距离高速传输数据。我们的Thunderbolt光缆是噪音敏感环境的绝佳解决方案,您可以将工作区与噪音设备分开,足够连接到机房的中央服务器。

  • An optical cable use Thunderbolt technology to deliver great responsiveness with data and display transfers at 40 Gbps in each direction at the same time with no sharing of bandwidth between connectors光缆采用Thunderbolt技术,在每个方向上以40 Gbps的速度同时传输数据和显示数据,从而提供出色的响应能力,连接器之间不共享带宽
  • Can be used for daisy-chaining devices可用于菊花链设备
  • Low latency with highly accurate time synchronization for professional audio and video applications低延迟,高精度时间同步,适用于专业音频和视频应用
  • Flippable and reversible connectors可翻转可逆连接器
  • All-dielectric cable provides enhanced galvanic isolation全绝缘电缆提供增强的电流隔离
  • Robust cable design with improved abrasion resistance坚固的电缆设计,具有更好的耐磨性
  • All new thermal shutdown – protects internal components from long-term exposure to elevated temperatures全新的热关机功能–防止内部组件长期暴露在高温下
  • Supports one 5K/6K display or two 4K displays支持一个5K/6K显示屏或两个4K显示屏
  • No driver software required不需要驱动软件








Available Cable Lengths 可选长度

5m(16ft),10m(33ft),15m(49ft), 25 m (82ft), 50 m (165 ft)


For use with self-powered peripherals and Thunderbolt 3 ports only

Environmental and Mechanical 环境和机械参数
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): (12.35 x 28.2 x 6.65 mm)
  • Max. cable tensile strength: 100N (22 lbs)
  • Operating temperature: 0°C to 50°C (32°F to 122°F)

Electrical Specification 电气规格
  • Support 2 Lane Operation
  • Throughput: 40Gbps TBT Gen3 full duplex operation
  • Operational LOP: 0 dBm (min.)
  • Power Consumption: 900mW (Typical)
  • Operating Voltages: 5V
Compliance 合规
  • Eye safety: Class 1 laser product per IEC 60825-1:2014
  • Emissions: FCC Class (B), CE
  • Regulatory: RoHS 3
Compatibility 兼容性
  • recommends only using Thunderbolt 3 optical cables with macOS®
  • Does not support native USB or DisplayPort
  • Does not provide bus power


基础条件:线的2头必须是40Gbps的USB4,雷电3/4,普通Type-c 10Gbps的USB3接口不能用!

  • 具有40Gbps接口的电脑+雷电接口的显示器,目前显示器主要有苹果6K XDR、5K Studio Display、LG 27MD5KL、24MD4KL、40WP95C(雷电4显示器)等
  • 具有40Gbps接口的电脑+雷电磁盘阵列
  • 具有40Gbps接口的电脑+雷电声卡:Apollo x6、x8、x8p、x16、x16p、羚羊、apogee、focusrite、zoom等
  • 具有40Gbps接口的电脑+雷电3扩展坞(需要推荐可以联系在线客服)转接出去接普通DP接口、C口显示器、接雷电3、USB4.0硬盘盒等


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